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Chasegiving:This holiday, donate from someone else's pocket

Have you heard of the Chase Community Giving campaign? Chase is giving away $5 million. They are giving one charity $1 million grants and 5 charities will receive $100,000 each.

All you have to do is become a fan of their fanpage and vote for your favorite charity to win. You can only vote once per charity. You get 20 votes to distribute at your own discretion.

I voted for Coast to Coast Dachshund Rescue, which is my all-time favorite charity as that is from where I adopted Boscoe. They are a wonderful 501(3)c nonprofit organization that saves hundreds of dachshund and dachshund mixes every year.

I also voted for Bill Buchanan's James Morrison's charity of choice - Foundation Thinkagain.

If you have a Facebook account, please, please, PLEASE vote in Chasegiving! It doesn't cost you a thing, but can give the charity of your choice much needed funds.

If you are not sure which charities deserve your vote, please consider voting for the two I listed above!

Have a favorite charity you'd like me to vote for? Comment with suggestions over at my on my LJ.
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fangirl obsession spreads

A bit of trivia: In 1980s, back before he was kicking ass on 24, Glenn was in two episodes of this show as a roadside victim Collapse )

I saw the Amazon GoldBox deal and the first thing I thought of was Aaron. Is that a bit obsessive, or what?
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24: 7x13 ramblings

Collapse )

Generally, the writing of each episode has been solid and has drastically improved over season 6 and even over some of the other seasons (2 and 3, for example). The overall storyarc has been smoothly transitioning from one storyline into the next without abrupt, sudden turnarounds as is usually the case for 24. Each episode makes me respect the writing staff of the show and makes me hold my breadth till the end of the season, hoping that the following episode will just be as good as this one. So far I haven't been disappointed.
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Pre-Black Friday 24 deals on Amazon

Although, it's not the anticipated $15/season sale, 24 is being sold for under $20 bucks a season now:
24 - Season One is $19.99
24 - Season Two is now $19.99
24 - Season Three is now $19.99
24 - Season Four is now $19.99
24 - Season Five is now $19.99
24 - Season Six is now $19.99

Does anyone know of the $15/season sale anywhere else? Maybe with this year's economy, it's just not going to happen?

Perhaps it's time I finally got the rerelease of season 1 (I still refuse to spend money on season 6).

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