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The country's lucky to have men like you...

I'm lucky

An Aaron Pierce Fan Community
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Glenn Morshower currently plays Agent Aaron Pierce on Fox's 24. This is a place for fans of his to discuss news, any of Glenn's current or past projects, or sharing fan stories.

Posting Glenn related video/graphics is highly encouraged as it makes me very happy =)

Community Rules

First and foremost
Be nice to Glenn and other fans. No flaming allowed. Ever.
Spoilers: Be Considerate
Discussion of TV series episodes or movies that have been aired or released is welcomed, but a cut is required as a courtesy to those who may not have watched them immediately or may have not even aired yet outside the US.
Cut Graphic Posts
If you're sharing icons, please just post a preview of a few icons followed by a cut or a link. If you're posting large pictures or screencaps, please put them under a cut as well. If you're sharing something that might be considered graphic (more than just blood), offensive or vulgar (manipulated pics, fanfic, etc.), it must be accompanied with a warning AND a cut. Anything vulgar that is posted simply to mock, degrade, or offend the purpose of this community and/or its members will not be tolerated.

I think we all know the difference =)

...and that's about it.

Link to/pimp this community

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Affiliates & Other Glenn Related Links

Bauer fans


Other Links

+The Approved Aaron Pierce Fanlisting
Pierce Fanlisting

+Penetrating Gaze <-- a page by 2cbetter

+A nifty little Glenn Fan Page!

Community Resources

You must be a community member in order to access the video/picture links below. // Join??

Looking for Aaron Pierce/Glenn icons or graphics??
Check the tag.
NO HOTLINKING and please be sure to credit the appropriate maker, NOT THIS COMMUNITY!

Looking for pics or screencaps for your graphics??
Find them in this post

Looking for video??
Find 24 and other Glenn video clips in this post

Looking for fanfic??
See what's been posted in this community.

Quotable Glenn

"I've decided we have two types of people in this country. The first type are people that don't watch our show. At all. And the other type are ADDICTS! And that there is no in between."
-- on the fans of 24

"I spend more time, and this is no exaggeration, in this getup than people who do this for a living."
-- on playing the same type of characters

If you have anything at all you'd like to contribute (pics, video, articles, fanvideos, icons, etc.) or you would like to be an affiliate, please let me --lostonbroadway-- know!